Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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Introduction :

The action speaks louder than words is sound crazy in listening, but it is indeed right with a deeper meaning.

There are many people surround us who tells about there big ambition which they want to achieve in life and on the other hand there are some who believe in proving themselves by their work, by their action and not by talks.

It is simple to understand that our action has more weight than our words. People will forget the words but cannot forget the work made.

I, personally agree with the phrase. No doubt in this that the words can influence people, but it should be kept in mind that words are the reflection of action.

The words are cheap, and actions are everything, Dr.Elizabeth, and Dr. Charles says this. If one will speak their words and no action is taken that the words seem meaningless no matter how well we kept our words in front of others.

Keeping The Promises

The promise is a huge thing to give others. Earlier we heard the story, that just because of the commitment, many people sacrificed for themselves and even of other life. But now, in the modern era, promises means nothing for the youngsters. If we are going to see still there are many people who make promises.

It is an excellent suggestion to those people, who make quick promises to others without any thought. It is better to think for a while before making promises as else it will later cause a problem. And, if one is committing promise than they should make it happen or again the same phrase will be applied the action speaks louder than words. To make a promise is the words but to make it happen is your words.

The Example By The Sentence

It is effortless to give a lecture on success but very much difficult to make it happen.

The person speaks about the necessity of doing the charity and giving knowledge to others for the same but fails to take it in action.

Castel In The Air

The phrase mainly applies to them who make free of the castle in the air. This kind of people achieve their goal in their dreams but not in the real sense.

If a student tells that he/she is going to score 90% in their final exams that they don’t have to say this, they had to prove it in the real term then only their action and words will be balanced.

Never Disclose The Plans

In history, we learned that great personalities always dream of high achievement and even made it possible. Nothing is wrong in seeing a dream but to disclose the plans is not good, one should have the ability to show the result directly to others.


To achieve the goal one should always remain down to the earth and get focused to clear the target in a real sense by the action, not by words.

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