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Our life is like a baffle in a river, like the due it falls in the night and disappears in the morning. Like sound/, it comes and goes away. Who knows what in store for us? Who knows what is going to happen the neat moments.

I can never forget the last year’s 17 August. It was a day when I witnessed a road accident between a bus and a truth. It filled me while great honor and I remained upset for many days. I save death very close to life.

I was going to Jalandhar with my father by bus. Our drives were very harsh. He appeared to be in same under Harry. The young people fell thrilled. Even I was too very excited. But the aged persons tell alarmed at the high speed of the bus. They guessed the drives to slow down the speed. But he did not pay albeit. He kept on driving in his own way.

In the meantime, it so happened that another bus tried to overtake our bus. Our drives task it as a challenge for bifid. God knows why people take like in such situations. None of the drives was ready to compromise.

As a reset both the burs began to run parallel on the road. All the passengers were very much basified because it such was really very risky. Soon a truth came from the opposite side. The drives of the baser might have tried to apply brakes at theirs.

But it was too late and written seconds we saw a head-on coliseum between the overstating bus and the truer. The driver of our bus also stopped.

We all rushed to the spot of the accident. It was a very serious accident. Many passengers including the drivers of both the vehicles died in the spot. Many passengers got a serious injury. They were moaning and groaning in pain.

There was a lady who was crying bitterly because the accident took the rivers of her husband and son. It was really a very pathetic scene. I had never seen such a heat rending right in my life. I had become speechless. Nut it was not a moment to stand and watch the scene. I went to the nearby booth and telephoned the police about the accident.

Some police party from Phagwara reached the spot with a team of a doctor. The injured were put into the ambulance very and drive to a nearby hospital. The dead were sent for postmen term.

Those who had got minor injuries were given first aid. Most horrible was the scene of the disaster. Accidents are always dreadful because they lead to injuries, loss of life and property.

In no time a person loses everything to live the lady whose beautiful dream was shattered in seconds with the death of his husband. And son. I feel period where never I am reminded of the accident. The drives must be considerate. They must follow the traffic rules to avoid such an accident.

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