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Tigers are the largest species of the cat family. Mate tigers are generally about 8 to 10 it (2.4- 3m) long, including the 3-ft (1.8-m) tail. The coat of the tiger is orange-yellow with numerous prominent black stripes, black, and albino.

Tigers are solitary animals and usually hunt at night. Tigers kill a variety of animals, including deer, antelope, wild pigs, and cattle.

Tigers are good swimmers and enjoy bathing, especially in hot weather, which appears to make them quite uncomfortable.

Characteristics Of Thesiger 

The Tigers have very well. The vision they can hunt almost equally well during the day and at night.

They also have good hearing. They rely on sight, hearing and smell to located prey.

Tigers are regarded as the strongest and most dangerous of all cats.

Tigers have paw pads that are soft and particularly sensitive to heat.

Their tongues are rough enough to tear way human skin with a couple of likes.

Tiger Behavior And Vocalizations 

Tigers are solitary animals but are not adverse to occasional congregations. They can be active at any time of the day or night and are particularly active at dawn and are particularly active at dawn and dusk.

They are very secretive and like to hang out in places where they are hidden or hard to see.

Tigers can climb trees and swim. They are quite good swimmers, and unlike many felines, they seem to like the water. A tiger roar is gradable one of the scantiest noises on the planet.

Tiger Prey 

Tigers can kill animals four times their size but will eat locusts, termite’s rats, lizards, fish, and frogs if they are desperately hungry.

They prey primarily on deer and wild pigs but have been eating porcupines and swimming with a 200-pound deer in their month.

Tigers have killed baby elephants; young have rhinos and adult leopards and bears. Tigers get meat any way they can. They will scavenge carcasses, seize prey taken by other tigers, drive leopards from their prey and steal birds killed by smaller wild cats.

Tigers On The Hunt 

Tigers hunt mainly at night but often hunt in the day and have even been observed hunting in the middle of the afternoon when most other big cat take a siesta.

They generally stalk their prey, often by slinking stealthily through the high grass and charge their prey at relatively short distances from the side or from behind.

Tigers normally cover eight to be miles when they do. Their hunting should at night. They make a ‘pook’ sound when they are looking for prey. Injured tigers often have difficulty, hunting and thus eventually from starvation or infection.

Types Of Tiger 

Tiger Subspecies

Tiger subspecies are still survived in the world. These are six subspecies of tigers, Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger, Indochinese tiger, and South China tiger.

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger inhabits the Indian subcontinent, and it is known to live both in semi-deserted areas and the grasslands.


The Siberian tigers are the largest of all subspecies but this only happened in captivity.

Sumatran Tiger

The Sumatran tiger is native to the island of the same name. It is smaller than other species of tigers.

Malayan Tigers

The Malayan tiger inhabits only the peninsula with such name. It is smaller than other species of tigers.

Indochinese Tiger

The Indochinese or Corbett tiger that once populated much of Asia lives thanks to conservation efforts.

South China Tiger

It is one of the smaller tigers and also one of the most threatened.


Tiger is a beautiful animal and our national animal too. But the continuous decrease in the number of the tiger is a serious subject on which we have to work. We should save tigers from the hunters.

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