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At present, there is mostly the availability of cable channels in the city of Thane. It is a machine having a screen to see. It receives the broadcasting signals and to which it turns into sounds and pictures.

What Are The Effects Of T.V On The Brain  

There are relatively some studies regarding the effects of television, but it also includes the following:

Educational And Prosocial Benefits 

Many T.V. channels show the educational programme as well as a knowledgeable programme which is beneficial for the children as well as younger students.

Aggressive And Violence Behaviour 

1000 of violence and aggressive seen are viewed by younger people such as murders, armed robberies, rapes, etc. and they sit in the front of T.V. set. The national television violence study examined nearly 10,000 hours of programmes of television and found the 61% contained the violence.

Use And Abuse Of Alcohol And Tobacco  

Tobacco manufacturers spend $6 billion per year as well as alcohol manufacturers $2 billion each and every year.

Advantages Of Television 

There are some advantages to television:

To learn more about the world and things hopping around us the television help us.

Due to the relaying of news, geography, movies, and other channels of T.V.

It helps to present information in any effective ways and due to this makes the things memorable easily.

Also increases sports and other games have very popular.

They provide them to watch the cartoon and serials such as pogo, Nickelodeon, Disney, etc.

Some people are going to know about different languages such as Tamil, Bengali, English, as well as Hindi also which is don’t known by some other persons.

Kids can able to make something new and creative by watching the T.V shows such shows art attack and other shows explain the respect and discipline to the kids by watching it.

Disadvantages Of Television 

There are some disadvantages to watching television shows:

Not only vacations times but also during the weekend children watched the T.V. shows continuously, they have become couch potatoes.

Adults may often encourage certain acts that may not be supposed to be done by children’s.

To look adults serials which is not good to be seen by children’s, since they look the adult serials they are sometimes getting aware regarding the things which they are not supposed to be aware or learn and speak to the front of someone else.

What makes them very violent in their behavior? The answer is, due to watching the violence seen the children also try to become it and get violated behavior.

Nowadays parents are not likely supposed to stop watching the T.V. serials, because they want to follow certain characters by children’s.

Due to watching the television in the dark, it may affect their eyes and as a result, they have to wear the glasses.

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