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A faithful friend is that person who will be in good times and bad, who will give you support when you need it, and advise you to see yourself better yourself and for your well-being.

Faithful Friend The Everything Of Life

A faithful friend could, above all, help you, support you and give you their trust. The miller gives a great example of what it is not to be a good friend, that person will help you find solutions to your problems, not only will be there in the coolest moments.

There are many people in the world who usually call “friends” to those who make them spend good times, but that is to be happy only for a while and not your whole life. A faithful friend is almost a brother, life puts many obstacles in the way, and sometimes you need people who give you a hand to overcome them.

My Friend

Natasha is the one with whom I spent my childhood, with whom I relate many happy stories and not, but always memorable. It is difficult to say when we met; rather we met all our lives because our mothers are friends too.

I am an only child, but my friend replaced my nonexistent brothers as best I could. When we were girls, we were very similar, and everyone thought we were sisters. We laughed because we knew we were very different. We spent every summer on the Shimla which was typical for our families.

As the day passes our friendship become stronger. A new era began in our teenage year. Natasha and I started cleaning and maintaining our house: we looked at old things, we cleaned, we painted the windows.

How fascinating it was! We sat on the terrace a lot and dreamed of repairing the house thoroughly. When we finished the first floor, we went up to the attic. In the attic, there were many exciting and different things and a dust coat of the centuries too.

We had to clean the plant many times. Among the discoveries, the most ghostly and memorable was a dead cat. We thought it was an ancient fur coat because it was dark in the attic.

When we understood the truth, we shouted a lot of surprises! It was our neighbor’s cat that one day was lost. Nobody knows how many years the cat was in the attic.

After that story, we slept many times in the attic, but we were always a bit afraid. We often slept on the balcony under the stars. It was beautiful, but the mosquitoes bothered us.

From year to year, our house is aging, but we can not paint it entirely. Three years ago we started to paint it, but only half of it and now it is necessary to repaint it.

We became adults, and we see little, especially after my transfer to Bangalore. But when we see each other, we have a good time, and funny stories happen to us. We miss each other.


The faithful friends and real friendships are very scarce, they are very difficult to find, but they are the best in the world, it tends to be completed with feelings such as joy, love and pride and this I found in my friend Natasha.

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