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Mahatma Gandhi will always remain in the heart of every individual. The life which we are living happily is the gift of him to all the Indians, who are enjoying their lifestyle.

Mahatma Gandhi was given the title as the father of the nation and so also called Bapu because of his immortal contribution towards the motherland.

Early Life

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the complete name of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji took birth on the 2nd of October 1869. He belongs from the Hindu Gujarati family from the Baniya community. His birthplace was Porbandar; it is a small town in the Kathiwad in the Gujrat state of India.

During the whole life, the father of Mahatma Gandhi married four times. The first two wives of his father died at a young age. However, in the third marriage, the couple did not have any child, and so the third wife permitted Karamchand to remarry for the fourth time, and as a result, he performed the fourth marriage with Putlibai. The hometown of the Putlibai was Junagadh; it is again town in the Gujrat state.

Over the decade, the couple had four children, three sons, and one daughter. Laxmidas, Raliatbhen, and Karsandas and Mohandas.

Freedom Fight

The Gandhiji fight with the British for the freedom of India with the British rule. He uses the unique weapon in the battle. The gun of nonviolence and satyagraha.

During his freedom fight for the mother nation, he was sent to jail and was tortured by the British officer, but he never lost his hope of freedom and continued the same path.

Champaran And Kheda Agitation

The farmers of the Champaran in 1917 were forced to grow Indigo and the British want that the farmer should sell them at very low prices, but an organization was formed by the Mahatma Gandhi to protest against the British and the movement was successful as the British were forced to accept the demand of the farmer.

Once the village Kheda suffered from the severe flood, but the British government was not ready to provide any relief on the taxes.

However, again the noncooperation movement was launched by the Mahatma Gandhi, to protest the British government and same as above, the government was ready to give the relaxation on tax and also the collection of the revenue was suspended temporarily.

Salt Satyagraha

A heavy taxes were imposed on the production of salt which hurt the production of the same. The 26 days, nonviolence salt march was held to the Dandi village by Mahatma Gandhi.

Many international governments observed this movement and hence the British government had to accept the demand of the Gandhiji.


Nothing can be achieved with the violence and the weapon, this was the thought of Mahatma Gandhi. According to his, nonviolence was the best weapon to lower down the powerful enemy.

Gandhiji is not there in between us but still will remain in the heart of all. It was his big dream that the country should always line peacefully, but again, some of the conflicts take place. Hope, the day will come, and the Bapu dream will come true.

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