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Parents are both important in human life. But, we all give the mother the highest importance to our father. Because the mother carries every child carefully nine months with his care for nine months very carefully. It would not be wrong to say that the stem connected to the neck will last for a lifetime.

The Connection Between Child And Mother

There is a connection between her and the child’s intimate love. If the mother is kind, loving, and understanding the children, in contrast, parents are spoken about harsh, rigorous, punishing and not understanding the children.

The mother who works in the house-to-house with constant children Therefore, they can create intimacy and they can talk with their mother freely, but the father is always out of the house due to dignity. Their association with children is very low.

Children Are Scared Of Father

There is no introspection between children and fathers. Therefore, the children are a little scared of their father. The father has to do homework, so always have to keep thinking about the process to complete various responsibilities in the house. Sometimes the problem of external work or economic issues is always on their heads.

There is no doubt that the type of oil that can be taken from the elders in every house is done by the elders. The results are done on young children. The images of the elders who have seen rage or anger from childhood are always remembered.

Therefore, these children are afraid to speak, fear or waste in front of the father. Indian culture is a male-dominated culture. It is customary for women to do all the small tasks in the house and to do outdoor work outside the home.

Fathers Have A Great Responsibility

All the tasks of men are of great responsibility, so in the case of a man, the male’s father is always seen in the tension. The result of this is on their behavior and speech. That is why the old place in society is not as big a place as the mother in society.

However, getting that position is not very hard or difficult. Every father has to try for it. Parents receive social services from their mother whereas children receive social rituals. On every child, the father’s hereditary properties become very infectious.

Children Want To Be Like A Father

Everyone has the desire to earn a name like his father. The child runs a child in the same way that the image of the father is good or bad in society. When society speaks quickly, it has gone on the steps of his father.

If your children feel honored to have the right place in society, respect for their respect, it is said in Sanskrit that paternity is considered to be a god by father. Thinking of that motive, today we can all self-examined by the elders all over the world.

The father is hugely responsible for putting proper rites on children. Until the morning from morning till the time of the night, all the behavior of the father and the behavior children are closely monitored.

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