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What Is Family

A group where more than two parents reside with their two or more children is called family.

Every individual feel secured when they are in a group with their family. The most common bond which is shared by every individual in the group or family is the bond of mutual understanding. The family also play a basic and vital role in the life of every person.

Types Of The Family

The family can be seen in any state; it can be small, large, nuclear or joint family. Family makes the human being a complete and sensible person.

We have grandparents, parents, uncle aunty, cousins, siblings, pets in the family. Ever member shares the bond of emotions with another one. If there comes any crisis, the whole family face the problem with high confidence.

The Benefit Of The Joint Family

The quality pattern of living is folwed by every individual when they live in a joint family. The most and the basic value which is taught by the joint family is discipline, respect, and helping nature.

When we live in a family, we consider the other problem the same as our problem. The mutual adjustment is observed like every individual when they live in a joint family.

In a joint family, the children seem more happy, as they get the environment of love with the grandparents, discipline value from the parents, studies and different activities get enhances as they grow together with their siblings or cousins.

Also, the children are observed free from any discrimination which stays in a joint family. Parents sow the seed of moral values, responsibilities in their children sick grandchildren from the early stage of life.

The Disadvantage Of The Joint Family

In the joint family, it is seen, some of the individuals of a family start feeding on the income of another member, they act as parasites and taking advantage of the innocent member.

Many times it is seen that the member who is earning high income will start insulting the member who is making the low, this creates the disturbance in the family.

My Family

I am living in a joint family, where the members are my grandparents, uncle aunty, mummy papa, my two siblings and three cousins and me. All of us live very happily in our Anand Bhavan house.

My mother and Aunty as the routine to wake up early in the morning, primarily they both take a shower, complete their spiritual performances and then seek the blessing of the grandparents.

Later, they wake up the dad and uncle and tell them to get ready for the offices. In the meantime, grandparents go out for the morning walk, and mummy and aunty get busy in preparing breakfast. As papa and uncle are partners in their business, so they both go together.

As soon as the grandparents return from the waling, they take a bath, and we all make our breakfast together. After the completion of lunch, papa and uncle go to the office and us children to school.

When we return from school, Aunty feeds us lunch and so on the family carries out their routine. Our grandparents have the habit of telling bedtime stories to all the kids of the house. I love to stay with all the family member.

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