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Most of us don’t understand the importance of a cow. Well, in India cow is pray as a God, it is an animal who gives us milk and according to the mythological stories, the cow is a God in Indian culture.

Respect Cow in India


And we all respect animals but in India, cows are respected very much because according to the mythological stories in the Indian culture cow is a symbol of God. In Indian culture, the cow is worshipped and it is also considered next to God.

Because in any kind of rituals of Hindu culture you have to make some kind of food which is related to milk and milk is a very important thing in our daily life also. In the Hindu rituals, milk is considered as a Prasad and is also distributed among the people who are present in the Puja.

Olden Day’s History of a Cow

Now you must be thinking about why we are going in the history of cow and what would be a history of a cow? Well if we are just considering the cow as a God, in the Hindu rituals there is another very important aspect from which the cows are very much important.

In the olden history any kingdom which is getting more and more success in their particular kingdoms it is because of the number of cows they have in their kingdom if they have a good number of cows in their kingdom they are considered to be one of the richest kingdoms in that area.

Because the cows are the animals who eat all the waste which we think as the grass and gives the most important and purest thing which helps the human body to be strong which is the milk.

Business From Cow

Keeping a cow at home was very important in the olden days. They always used to keep these cows in a shelter where the cow used to live and everyday morning they used to take out the milk from them. Most of the milk was used by the family members but in case if they have more cows in the house and the milk is too much, they use to start to sell that milk in the market and this is one of the ways to start a business.

Today there are so many people who are running this kind of business with the help of milk, they have hundreds of cows in a place and sell their milk across the city. All these milk products which we can consume are made up of only and only of milk and milk comes from the cow. Today we cannot even imagine the food without the ingredients mixed with milk, each and everything which we eat in any kind of special occasion or normally itself includes milk content into it.

So never think that the milk or the cow is a waste and keeping a cow in the house was a tradition in olden days.

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