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A Computer is an electronic machine, which helps in solving problems quickly and easily. It is a digital machine used in all fields. It stores and manipulates information.

Computers are used as tools in every part of society together with the internet. All numbers, text, sound, images, animations, and video used as input are called ‘data’ and all numbers, text, sound, images, animations, and video returned as output are called information.

The central processing unit (CPU) converts data to information. The minimum requirements for a functional computer system include a Keyboard, a CPU, Memory, and a Monitor.

Importance Of Computers


Computers have a great contribution to the education field. The internet enabled computers that do not only provide important knowledge and information on every subject, but they also connect students across, the world.


With the help of the internet on computers, we stay connected with our friends and family. Computers also help us generate

money as there are many jobs and business that can be done online.


While computers curry out calculations and store and process data at the office, they are also useful at home for many domestic tasks.

Help Business To Grow

These are various online methods like email campaign, social media marketing, etc. that help business to promote and grow.


Computers are the source of entertainment. They give us a plethora of choice when it comes to entertainment.

Advantages Of Using A Computer


Computers help in increasing productivity, and with a good understanding of the software running on them, we will become more productive at everything we do.

The computer is capable of storing and accessing vast amounts of information, for example, a computer and device like E-book readers can store hundreds of information.

Computers can help keep you connect with long-distance friends and family over E-mail and social networking.

The computer connected to the internet is a great learning tool and is something that can help answer almost any question and can teach you anything that interests you.

Computers help in many ways. There are dozens of services that can help save you time. E.g., we can view online traffic cameras and maps with traffic information to find the quickest route.

Disadvantages Of Using Computers 

The virus can kill the computer and can damage files and data on an available on the hard disk.

Another demerit of pc is the wastage of time. People in offices use it for extra or personal works.

Misuse of the computer is a waste of time, as like that is also a waste of time, as like that is also a waste of money. People buy it for playing games, watching movies and music are a waste of money.

In case of any problem in power cable, less or more power of electricity or heavy load on the computer may cause short circuit or blast.

The biggest disadvantages of the computer system are more use of it for entreating and playing video games or other misuse keep the people far from their families.

Types Of Computers

Personal computer.


Laptop computer.


Hand-held computer etc.


The computer is an essential thing in our life. Computers are needed by almost every section of society, such as doctors, engineers, teachers, etc.

In today world, without a computer, no one can survive without difficulties. But there are also disadvantages of computers. Therefore we must use computer technology in the most efficient manner and also avoid misuse of it.

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