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Every year, I visit one on the other hill station during the summer; I went to Shimla. I caught a bus from Chandigarh. The bus passes through many tanners, which were quite a dale and impressive.

As the bus reached the outlet of a smile, all the passengers in the bus beers to appreciate being welcomed by wafts of calm, soothing breeze. From the smile best stand, I left straight for my uncles have my uncle is a forest of art smile.

I was welcomed by my very generous aunt, hospitable lady and loved me very much. It was a pleasant surprise to my aunt as I went there without any prion intimation my aunt phoned my uncle at once.

The next day, my uncle top me in his jeep. We passed through a dense forest of pine truss. The leaves of the trees were wavering in the wind, and bared sitting in them were singing sweet songs.

We also saw many gurgling river and springs. An asked me to look at the snow-capped mountain peace which was situated at some destined. We also sew several wild animals life fear, foxes, rabbit, and others in the forest. We also visited the Jakhoo temple.

I lived at Shimla for about a month. I had daily morning walks and exercise. I love Shimla very meet. Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. It is there for the British had made it the summer capital of the Government of India.

The Governing’s longlegs has been converted into the center of advanced studies Shimla in now the money if Himachal Pradesh Jahir is a mountain pealed surrounding by tall trees. It is through sleep flight that we can reach to Jahir.

It is said that Lord Hanuman had taken Sanjeevani for Lakshman from Jakes. Throughout we can see money in greasier number. Near mail road there in a stealing ground. Many people enjoy sleeting here. At a distance of ten kilometers from there

We also had ultimate fun in a place called Kurri which is around 16 km from Shimla, this place shoes beautiful natural sceneries, and we also enjoyed Yale riding at Kurri one thing we missed in Shimla is the Is stalking which is prominently open December to February.

We also enjoyed an evening in the Laker Bazaar. This Bazaar is a wood market in Shimla that has a lot of wood items that includes the beautiful Antilles like walking sticks and decorative articles.

We brought exceptional precious wooden items back home. How the time passed, we could not realize. The places were so beautiful that we did not wish to go back home. However, the journey was very integrating and enjoying. We want to visit every summer.

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