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If you talk about the environment, we all know that the environment is something which is very important to every human body. The environment is not healthy, none of the human bodies can be healthy, and to survive on this path we need to look out for the environment.

Forest Reduction

Now if we talk about the forest, we are cutting down them to just make the buildings and bungalows. We are not taking care of the environment.

Forest is just a plot for the builder where he is about to build a building in which several people are going to live but the problem is that one building kills thousands of plants and animals who were leaving them.

If we want to save the environment and even save the forest where people need a place to live that is a problem but there are several ways from which they can even save the forest and people can get shelter to live.

Pollution Because of Environment

The topic man must have a field you interesting in because in this topic we are going to talk about how the pollution which is getting done by the environment in simple words if we talk about it.

We can save the environment the reason because of which the pollution is getting increased. Well it is quite interesting to understand this concept of the environment the greenery is everywhere and we as a human should take the responsibility of this plant.

Plan around us we can decrease the pollution in the environment but we don’t even care about it and start cutting down the environment.

This is the important thing when the pollution is too much in the cities and plants are very less that is the reason the cities are so polluted comparatively to the village section of India.


Let’s see what kind of environment we are looking at. We all are well aware of the river Cauvery and we also know the actual situation of it.

The people don’t even know that the Cauvery River is almost gone dry there are only a few ways from which it can be saved. There are so many NGOs who are doing their best to make this river again.

Now you must be thinking how does it reflect the environment to the river. If the environment is not getting the water when it needs the most how can it survive?

Now how can you save this form your side well if we plant more and more trees the river can survive by it. But because of the cutting forest, we have reduced so many plants and trees.

Forest which was surrounded by the Cauvery River and now it is too hard now to save it but if we want we can save it. By just planting more and more trees around it so to save the river we have to save the environment so plant more and more trees to save the environment.

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