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Essay On A Memorable Day In My Life Short For Students – Read Here

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We cherish good memories of our entire life. Much things happen daily in our life, but we do not remember everything as our memory is limited and we can only remember important things.

Memories can be good or bad. We want to remember good things and forget the bad ones. We have memories of strangers, friends, family, and even animals too.

The Best Gift I Could Get 

Though there are many good memories in my life which I cherish, the one I like the most is when we got a puppy in our family. I love animals, and my love for dogs has no boundaries.

It was in April 2016, my mother brought a story puppy who was alone, the moment I saw him, and I fell in love with its beautiful eyes and a cute face.

It was two months old. First, we gave him a nice warm bath. My mother gave him some warm milk to drink; it was very hungry.

The next day we took it to the veterinarian to give him the required injection and check for his health though he was weak but was a healthy puppy.

He was brown in colure with a white spot on his forehead. Within a week of care, he was gained weight and become fluffy.

My friends too liked him a lot as he was very friendly and had a very cute face. I took him for a walk every day; he used to like it a lot.

He also likes to play fetch with the ball, he was very curious and always filled with excitement, and it was difficult for me to match his energy.

We had a great bonding with each other, and it was impossible for us to like without each other.

My Most Memorable Day 

The day I could not forget with my puppy I named him most, was when he was lost. We went to the playground, and I met my friends, and we started playing.

I do not know when moti got away, and he was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere; my friends too started searching all the area around the playground.

I was very much afraid, I called my mother she came within 10 minutes, she too started to look for moti, we were shouting him name it after 4 hours of searching we had no choice but to go back home.

I was just crying as it was all my fault. My mother and friends were trying to console me. I cried the whole night, the neat my mother went to the police stuffier to ask for help.

They asked some details about moti and took his photos the police contacted animal welfare organizations working around the area.

They also contacted the municipality as most was a stray dog, and they thought dog catchers might have. Caught him.

By evening we got a call from the police that motion was found. Animal welfare organizations found him. We rushed to the police station, as we reached moti started barking and wagging his tail in joy, my happiness had no bounds, I was so happy I had tears in my eyes. I just went and hugged moti, and we brought him back.


Memories are wonderful. Though I had lost my best friend moti when I found him, I was filled with joy, and I could also feel the same joy in mom’s eyes, though a dog we shared a great bounding. And this was my most memorable moment.

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