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Essay On A Journey By A Train For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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There are various modes of travel. We can travel by road, air, water or by rail. Traveling by rail is one of the most beautiful and exciting modes of transport. Indian Railways is one of the largest railways in the world.

Though the first track was laid by the British but the Indian Railways have come a long way. Conquering the seas and mountains, our rail lines have reached to all parts of the country and also to some of the most difficult terrains.

Indian Railway is a network of tracks laid through land, mountains, tunnels, and bridges. We have royal railway lines like the Maharaja Express and Palace on Wheels. For some people journey by train is difficult, but most people enjoy it as we get to sleep too.

The Journey

My journey through the train which I could remember was when I was going to my native place Mangalore. Our railway belt falls under Konkan railway which is one of the most beautiful and rough landscapes. Traveling by train makes you feel the beauty of the region.

Tunnels cut through rocks, bridges, tracks on the edges of a mountain, fearful and adventurous too. My train was Mangalore Express; it departed at 2.00 pm from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai.

My co-passengers were a group of college students who were going to a college in Suratkal.

After some we bonded pretty well, we shared our lunch and had great fun cracking jokes and playing cards. I was carrying a DSLR camera, I clicked numerous pictures and also shot some videos.

Icing in the cake was the train halted at scenic locations like waterfall and ghats for a few seconds which gave me time for a quick shot.

I will be sharing select pictures on social media as it came nice. The train halts at some major junctions, we reached madgaon at around 9 pm, and I got down to buy some refreshments and dinner although food is provided on the train I do not like that.

My co-passengers had brought home-cooked food, so we shared our meal. I could never forget the taste; it was yummy.

By 11.00 everyone slept but I was awake as I was looking at the stars and the moonlight, it was dark in the villages and most of the time train crossed through forests, but when any city came it was lights everywhere.

At around one is the train halted between a forest, I do not know the reason, but it halted for about an hour. I was the little bit afraid as it was dark outside.

Still, it was an opportunity for me to take out my DSLR, I went to the entrance of my coach and took awesome pictures of the night sky, it was clear moonlit sky with full of stars, I cannot explain how awesome the feeling was.

Then the train started, and I fell asleep. At around 8.00 am I reached my destination. My co-passengers too alighted with me. It was a wonderful journey.


My personal view is that even if one does not like train travel they should experience it as it is a wonderful experience in itself.

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