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What Is Pay Commission:

The government of India determines the salaries of government employees. The recommendation is made by studying the current pay structure which is produced by the pay commission. This recommendation has to see by the government whether to accept or reject it. To look into the proposal, the commission is given 18 months before from the date of its constitution.

The recommendation is not only to increase pay but also to pay the structure.


The First Pay commission was set up in the year 1956. Now it was the time when the government decides monthly wage of a government employee.

The Second Pay commission was established in August 1957 and passed its report in 1959.

The Third Pay Commission was established in April 1970 whereas submitted the report for Third Pay after three years, i.e., in 1973.

A very long time was covered for the Fourth Pay Commission. It took time from 1986 to 1966.

Fifth Pay commission also covered ten years duration.

The Sixth Pay Commission was established in the year 2006 and took time of Two years.

7th Pay Commission

The 7th pay commission looks for the flexible work hours for women and disabled employees. Also, the retirement age has been increased by two years.

The constitution of 7th pay commission has been approved by the Dr. Manmohan Singh who is the ex-Prime Minister of India. The ex-finance Minister P. Chidambaram announced the approval on 25th September 2013. The approval shows its effect on 1st January 2016.

The announcement of the 7th pay commission was headed on 4th February 2014 by the justice A.K.Mathur. Finally, after the lengthy discussion of 6 months on 29th June 2016, there was 14%increase in the salary of the government employee.

Earlier the limit of borrowing money from the government to purchase home or flat was only 7.50 lakh, but after the implementation of the 7th pay commission, it has increased to 25 lakh. The period to return the amount is as 34 month.

Importance Of 7th Pay Commission

To fight with inflation 7th pay commission is very necessary. 7th pay commission has also played a vital role in supporting the basic requirement of pensioners.

The minimum wage of a government employee is Rs18,000 per month. Due to the 7th pay commission, the fiscal deficit has widened. The maximum pay has been raised from Rs 80,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh. Union cabinet imposed the above recommendation.

Also, automobile and multinational companies get a huge push, and their dependents will lead to higher revenue for the government. The increase in salary will lead to high saving which is the base of the middle-class family. The annual rate has been increased from 2.5% to 3%.

The 7th pay commission has helped a lot in the development of India.


The country gross domestic product (GDP)was benefitted by the 7th pay commission. Government employees have received many benefits from the latest pay commission now the employee is waiting for the implementation of the 8th pay commission.

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