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Republic Day is one of the most important national festivals of India; this special day is celebrated with great fanfare throughout the country. It was celebrated on 26th January 1950, celebrated on this day every year in the celebration of the Indian Constitution.

The Republic Day of India is a very special opportunity for all Indians, this day explains the importance of the Republic and the Constitution established in our country, because with the struggle in the freedom of our country, the constitution of our country is also a huge contribution and it is the day that introduces us to the importance of our country’s Republic and its history.

History Of Indian Republic Day   

History of Indian Republic Day is quite interesting; it started on January 26, 1950. When our country has removed the ‘Government of India Act’ and implemented the Constitution of India, since then, it is celebrated every year on January 26, to celebrate our country’s constitution and the Republic.

However, there is another history related to this day, and it started on 26th January 1930 because it was a historical day, when Congress had demanded the full freedom for the first time. It started when the resolution was passed during the CAGREGRES session under the chairmanship of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in Lahore in the year 1929.

If the British Government did not provide India ‘Domaine Status‘ till 26th January 1930, India would Will declare completely independent. After this, till 26th January 1930, the British rule did not respond to this demand of Congress. So, from that day the Congress started its active movement for the determination of complete independence and when India became independent on August 15, 1947, keeping in view the historical significance of the 26th January, the Government of India. This day was chosen for the establishment of the Republic.

Importance Of Republic Day

Celebrated on the 26th of January, our Republic Day celebration fills us with self-realization and gives us complete freedom. This festival of Republic Day is very important for all of us because it is the day that understands the importance of our constitution.

Even though our country became independent on August 15, 1947, it got complete independence on January 26, 1950, because it was that day. When the Constitution of our country came into effect, and our India country was established on the world as a democratic country.

At today’s time if we can take any decision independently or raise voice against any kind of suppression and misfortune, then it is possible only because of our constitution and democratic form of our country. This is the reason that Republic Day is celebrated as a national festival in our country.


This national festival of Republic Day is very important to us as the constitution of our country, and its democratic form acts to connect our country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

This was the day when our country was established on the world map as a democratic country. This is the reason that this day is celebrated with so much glamor and glamor throughout the country.

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