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Eassy in Solar System For Students in Easy Words -Read Here

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 If we talk about the solar system what does the first thing comes in your mind? Well, it is none other than the nine planets it is the thing which comes in everybody’s mind when we heard about the solar system.

How Many Planets are There?

This is a very popular question in which most of people are not aware of how many planets are there in our solar system. Well if you are not aware of our solar system here is the place where you can understand and get some knowledge about our solar system.

Well we have eight planets in existence of our solar system yes you heard us right there are only eight planets right now in the solar system.

In the 90s if you were in school you were taught that there are nine planets in the solar system but recently a few years ago the planet Pluto was destroyed because of a matriarch. It was very hard to get this information but the scientist got this information and disclose that right now in our solar system there are only eight planets and the ninth planet which was known as Pluto was destroyed because of Asteroid came on the planet, Pluto.

On Which Planet we are Living

Now you must be eager to know on which planet we are living and in the series of 128 what is the rank of our planet. First of all, you must know that we live on the planet known as earth. The earth has everything to survive for the human body, things like air, water, atmosphere, gravity and many other things which makes the human being survive on this planet.

After that when we come to the rank of our planet we stand third in the solar system that means there are two more planets before us and five more planets behind us total eight planets which make the solar system completed.

What is the Sun? 

Now if we think about what is sun then there are so many theories that will confuse you out. Some say that the sun is a planet and some say that the sun is energy, well there are so many theories which we can’t even imagine about the sun.

But the sun is most famous of all this is that the sun is an energy which is very much strong to make anyone so powerful that he or she can’t imagine. If a human being has the energy of the sun there are chances that the human body can explore because the human body cannot contain that much energy in itself.

Who Lives in the Sun?

Now you must be thinking if the sun is energy then who can live on the sun. Well, the answer is no one because you can use the energy with a proper energy source but cannot stand on it. That is the reason that the sun is not a proper place to live and no one can even leave on it so no human being or any kind of animal can live on the sun.

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