Essay On Crime Against Women For Students & Children In Simple English

Violence Against Women

Today’s generation has change due to which the crime rate is increasing than which it has to decrease.

Crimes against women are increasing day by day Rapes, murder, dowry system, sexual crimes and many more. Many of the girls and the women are also transported to another country by kidnapping them and they are sold there like a thing sold in a market.

Rapes are now a day we can hear more and they also murder or kill the girls after their use.

This is wrong people then abuse the girl only that she would not wearing the proper dress and many more the society blames the girls, but they never blame that person who does such hazardous work.

You all only thing that India got independence, not the girls staying in India got their Independence. The big question for all the girls and women

Increasing Crimes Against Women

The national crime record shows that there is a rise in the crime against women for five years.

The measures which are taken by the government to protect the safety of the girls they are failed there is no positive repose towards this crime.

The cases against the women registered are as follows:

The figures were 525 in 2012, 556 in2011, 425 in 2010 and 409 in 2009.

Majority of the case against women related to cruelty done by husband and also by the relatives by giving the torture and also the social injustice to them and many more.

These case mostly happens in society. However, the violence has come down today many of the social activity is done to protect the women from such cases.

Dangerous State In India

As we all know that our India is a Developing country all over the world, but the population is more throughout the world.

The population creates a various problem such as unemployment, poverty, because of which the creature is doing such crimes.

The crime mostly held are as follows

  1. Uttar Pradesh –       4

  2. Arunachal Pradesh –       8

  3. Jharkhand –       3

  4. Meghalaya –       1

  5. Delhi –       5Assam –       4

  6. Chhattisgarh –       4

  7. Haryana –       8

  8. Odisha –       8

This all is the state in India where there is the crime consist of a very high rate in those the only state where the crime is more is the state of Utter Pradesh.

Now the politicians and the media has put their focus on this increasing issue in India.


  • Murders

Women are badly tortured in every part of the country they are going to that of their condition which can’t be imagined by a normal person and after the rape and all the victim is being killed so that there should not be any clue regarding the case.,

  • Dowry Deaths

The married women also hang to the death site as they are being abused for the money to bring from their mother home, after giving all the facility during the marriage also they are being harassed and many of the suicide is also caused during these all problems when faced by the bride of the family.

  • Rape

Rape is the most common from all this, these crimes in India happens in every 29 min.

Some of the family never regret the incidents as they feel shy or they think about the society that what the society will say.

In many of the cases, the victims are hanged to the death while some are left. The major rape occurs in utter Pradesh that is of 7.4.

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