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A mobile phone is also known as a cell phone in North American. It is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls.

Over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area. It enables a connection to the switching systems of a mobile phone operator, and it provides access to the mobile switched telephone network (PSTN).

Nowadays in addition to the telephone, mobile phone supports a variety of other services, such as text msg, MMS, email, internet access, short-range wireless communication (infrared, Bluetooth), business applications, video games, and digital, photography. Mobile phone offering only those capabilities are known as a feature phone.


The first handled cellular mobile phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell. And the Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. The Nippon Telegraph and telephone are the first commercial automated cellular phone launched in Japan in 1979.

The first generation (1G) systems could support far more simultaneous calls but still used analog cellular technology.  In 1991, second, the – generation(2g)digital cellular technology was launched in Finland by radioninja.  Ten years,  in 2001, the third-generation (3G) was launched in Japan by NTTDoCoMo on the WCDMA standard.


There are many types of mobile phone like a smartphone, feature phone, kosher phone, etc.


The common components found on all phone are:

  • A battery, providing the power source for the phone function.
  • A screen which echoes the user’s typing, display text messages,
  • A mobile phone allows to call and send text messages
  • All gsm phone use a SIM card to allow an account to be swapped among device.


In the smartphone and feature phone, the very little sound is there. The voice over LTE and HD voice are in some audio-quality. Sometimes the sound quality cam remains the problem due to the design of the phone. The small speaker can use to listen to digital audio files of music or speech or watch a video without holding the phone close to the ear.

Sim card

Gsm feature phone requires a small call a SIM. It is small in a postage stamp and is usually placed underneath the battery in the rear of the unit. It securely stores the service-subscriber key (IMSI), and the key is used to identify and authenticate the user of the mobile phone.


They Are Convenient

It easy to call a friend when you are out and about without being tied to a landline.

Staying Connected

When there is the phone with as then, you will not feel lonely just connect with your friend via face time, voice calls or social media, etc.

They Can Be lifesavers

It is the safety precaution because you ‘re connected with others. If you lose anywhere at that time you save the mobile phone.

Getting snap Happy

You can take your pic by phone on your humble cell phone.

Fun And Games

You can play the games on your cell phone it makes your time cover.


Used wisely, a mobile phone can be a lifesaver that enhances b your social life.

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