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The Internet has proved itself, one of the great blessing to the human being, it took the human being to a comfort zone. One can easily use the internet and can solve their queries, can communicate with the person who is far away from another one.

The Internet is also one of the sources of income. Many people use the internet and earn huge amount of money by entertaining others and even get famous. But, as it is said every coin has two sides, the negative and another is a positive one, the same applies here.

Below we will some of the merits and demerits of the Internet impact of the society.



The communication parts have become so easy with the help of the internet. Email is very common nowadays. An email is an address of the person who wishes to communicate with others. All the companies depend on the email messages for their business deals.

There are many options available such as video calling, Skype which help a person to do video calling to another person, and can see through the call, the person is well or not.

Earlier we see that the interview can happen only by meeting face to face but now many companies prefer taking the interview on a video call and many other options are available.

Sharing Of Data

Sharing of the data is also one option to the user. Nowadays, people exchange their photos, videos, much valuable information related to the business deals or any data based on education by just one click within a second.

Exchanging the information through the internet is common, people even give their opinion about the shared information, Wich can, later on, help the other reader.

Help To Students

Many school and college going students take the help of the internet to complete the homework and for making the projects. The working adult, if want to pursue their further education, the online study is the best option for them. By sitting at home, one can become a graduate through online mode.

Help To Homemaker

Internet even helps the housewives, they learn to prepare new dishes, to decorate and many another such thing which will make her unique by personality.


Now, no one feels boring even when they are alone, because they make the internet their friends. There are different funny video, jokes, movies shared on the website of the internet.


Neglect The Studies

As the internet has entered the in the lives of the people, many things as moved out. Many students, totally forget about their studies and spend their time using the internet. Nowadays student is found, chatting with friends, watching a movie or playing games on the internet.

Many cheaters are available through the internet, which will give false promises to give job, or house and ask money from them.

The people become very lazy, with the internet, modern people have stopped to use their brain, instead of using own, they moved to the internet website for the best answer.


The Internet is made to help the human being, but we are now totally made this our body part, without internet it is hard to survive, parents should keep watch on the uses of the internet by their children.

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