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Technology is a gift to mankind it has expanded all the fields related to anything it might be science commerce or arts technology is a very big aspect behind the growth of it. Where ever you see technology is just next to you.

A Gift to Mankind

Man has invented the technology and now he is trying to make the most use of this technology. In the old age where the technology did not even exist.

Earlier it was very hard to communicate to provide any information to one another but now after we have all the use of technology we can share all the information to all.

The knowledge which we want to share with the help of the technology there is so many benefits to mankind from these things which used to take years to complete now it is just a few minutes away.

Importance of Technology in Life

Design made of an outline of the human head and symbolic elements to serve as the backdrop for projects related to knowledge, science, technology, and education

Technology has become a part of every human being everyone is dependent upon the technology because it has made the work easier and also make it very comfortable with their own convenience.

With the help of technology, there are so many things which are been easier now to do.

For Example, if we talk about the education system now we do have a way to learn online without wasting our time traveling or after completing our work. Technology has given us so many benefits that are reason technology is a very important part of human life.

Science and Technology

The growth of technology is too much in science we can’t see any department. It can be related to engineering or related to doctorate all the departments are at their peak level just because of technology.

We see the Department of engineering all the automobile machinery and everything which used to be done by a man as a worker in factories for more than off duty is now done by the machines.

Even they can run for more than 12 to 15 hours depending upon the machinery is which are been used to reducing the manpower and helps them to be safe and work more efficiently.

Now we talk about the science department of doctors are getting so upgraded with the technology. That is the olden days it was very hard to find the actual problem because there were very few ways of getting information about the human body.

But now after a very good growth of technology, it is very easy to find the disease in a very short time and with the help of that, it is very easy to find the cure of the disease.

This is the way science and technology have to grow together.

The Negative Impact of Technology

Every coin has two sites in the same way technology has also another side of it.

The technology was created to help the human being and it is doing its purpose but there are few people who are not understanding the actual reason for getting the technology in their hands.

They are misusing it and making a threat to others they use the technology as a weapon to harm the innocence.

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