Gender Discrimination In India

Essay on Equality For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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If we talk about the word equality, the first thing which comes in our mind is everyone is equal in front of God, and no one is superior in the world in front of God. God has created us without making any differentiation between one and another.

Equality in Education

Every person should be equal in the education system, and there are no buys in the education system; no one should be avoided to provide knowledge to anyone; it is their birthright, and education is the thing which no one should hide from another.

If we look at the past of our culture, there were so many problems related to education. There was a scenario where only the higher cast people can get high-level education, and the lower caste people cannot afford and even are capable of taking higher-level education.

Slowly and steadily this as our knowledge got increased even the way of working got a great idea. And people started sharing their knowledge with every person without seeing their caste or gender.

Equality in A Work

If we look at the people around us, we cannot assume what kind of work they do in their daily needs. They do all their work and earn from it, it can be a small scale work for a very long time, but the most important thing is that the person is working hard and making money as a person works out of the country and makes money is he a superior person.

Well, it looks like that he is, but according to human nature, it is as similar to a person who is working in your own country. There is no reason to avoid the work which is done by the particular person in your own country, and the guy who is working out of the country is very superior both of them are equal then work and taking care of their families.

Adopted Child

There are so many cases where people have to adopt a child because they cannot conceive one, but there are even a few cases where people take a child even after having a baby. Well, what is the reason that these people are taking a child also having a baby before they understand how important is it to have parents in their life?

They cannot help every person, but they can at least help one child to get a beautiful future. So they make sure that the adult one child and make them ready for this whole world they do everything equally as they do it for their care.

They do not keep any bias between both of them are equal responsibility and opportunity to both of them now it’s all up to them what kind of opportunity they wish to take and look into their futures in and the responsibilities of both of them are taken care by the parents throughout their life.

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