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The environment is a thing where there is the existence of living things and as well as non-living things and in the environment, there are many renewable and nonrenewable resources which are helpful for the people and people used these resources in their daily life which is present in our environment.

In the environment there is all balance in everything and because of this ecological balance people could able to live their lives easily and without any problem but it would be difficult when the balance get disturbed people to get can get harm and also there are many problems that could happen in environment that can destroy the lives of the people and as well as the natural resources that get to the people by the environment can be get destroyed. These beauty of our nature keeps us live our life with healthy atmosphere.

There are many climate changing seasons that are also the beauty of nature. The beautiful things that nature has provided us we should enjoy it and do the things that could not harm the environment as an example pollution that is created by the people is a great danger to the environment and the people should stop it.

Environmental Problems

The main problem in the environment is the pollution that is created by the people there are many types of pollutions which is water pollution air pollution radioactive pollution Thermal Pollution noise pollution and many other pollutions that are created by the humans that can destroy the environment most humans only of themselves and do not take care of the environment and because of this the pollution started getting increase day by day and because of this it is harming the environmental balance.

The Renewable Sources that have been getting to us such as water get destroyed because of these things. There are also many wastages of garbage products so because of this everywhere there is dirt and because of this and more pollution, it gets harm to the living things as well and the environment as well.

The waste that comes from the nuclear plants create the radioactive pollution and because of the pollution in the environment it gets disturbed and it creates the environmental issues amongst the people.

This problem can also lead to the global warming in future as there are many pollutions that are created by the people and the Ozone Layer that is protecting us from the direct UV rays of Sun could get depleted and because of this the UV rays of Sun directly attacked the earth and it can harm the life of the people.

Environmental Protection

Environment protection is very necessary as the environment provides as many essential things which are necessary for living a better life.

Mainly protection of the environment is in the hands of the people as people should control the pollution such as they should not use the products that could not dispose such as plastics and also they should not burn plastic because the flames that go from the plastics harm the environment and the air pollution gets because of the burning of plastic and it can harm the life of the people when they breathe it .

People should not pollute the water by throwing dirty things in it and also many things by which the people can save the environment by controlling their habits and if the environment is properly nurtured then the beautiful things that he is providing us for many years could be continued and it will be easy for the people to live in the environment.

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