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We all are aware that what kind of problems we are facing in the environment. To make sure that we could live for more years we need to prevent us from this environment we need a fresh air and also a toxic free society.

Today Environment Problem

What is the problem with the environment? Now in the earlier age the environment was pure and healthy, the people used to live for more than hundred years without any kind of disease or tension. But now as of environment has gone into such kind of problems even the healthy people cannot cross the age of 50, they are facing so many difficulties to survive.

They need to consume different-different kind of medicines to make them healthy, but the most the important thing which could make them healthy is their environment which is getting polluted every single minute and the people are not even bother about it. Well, it doesn’t matters if you do not care about the environment even the environment will not care.

Environmentalist Facing Several Kind Of Problems

Most of the environment is being polluted because of the air-pollution. The air-pollution is the worst pollution which is done by the people on earth. They are polluting in the order in which they are taking the oxygen if the people do not understand the importance of oxygen, soon a day will come when they have to carry an oxygen cylinder with them and take the oxygen from it.

Because as the oxygen is about to get polluted in the environment the human being cannot conceive the carbon dioxide and live.

Water Pollution And Environment

Now, we will talk about the pollution in the air and call air is being kept in computer by Trai human being but they have also destroying the water to fill don’t understand that the air and water is something which is required to live on this earth if you do not live without water by the human beings are wasting and polluting the water they know that if the water this is not your they cannot drink it they have to and purify the water and then bring it when the purification of water cost very much and not every human being can I afford it so what is the way to solve this problem first of all the human being should understand the importance of water and air and the need to stop or at least start taking proper care and implement it in their life cycle to prevent this environment pollution issue and also aware the people who are not well educated for this problem they should always make other people aware of this problem and tell them also to save their environment and there are NGOs who are working on this kind of problems if we need any kind of support to prevent something we can take a help or From them and save our environment from this problem.

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Updated: January 9, 2020 — 6:59 am

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