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English is a language which is used by human for communication between individuals or organisations or Enterprise. There are many numbers of languages spoken by the individuals but English is the universal language which is spoken almost all over the world. In the English language, only 36 alphabets used in English this alphabets are used to create and work with the combination of alphabets.

Using the words created by the combination of alphabets sentences are made. English is a language which is an important language in the world, there are about women in 104 countries where English is spoken as the primary language. And also English is spoken as the second language in many countries for business purpose or else for tourism.


The English language is considered as the attribute of the arrival of the Germanic tribes who invaded Britain during the 5th Ad. Therefore the English language is used to be considered which has started in the 5th century. The three Germanic tribes were the angels, the Saxons and the jute. During the 5th AD, the people of Britain used to speak Celtic language. The history of English is divided into three parts they are old English which is from 450-1100 AD which was developed in Britain.

The middle English which is from 1100-1500 AD, it was a time when people with the lower class used to speak the English language and people with higher classes to speak the French language.

The modern English which is from 1500-1800 AD in which there were many changes in the pronunciation with the vowels started pronounced in shorter time. There is also a part the late modern English which is from 1800 to our present in which the English have developed at a large scale and also has developed many words.


The language English is very important in our day to day life because it is a systematic language and also used as a formal language for business communication and various other formal communication.

As English is a Universal language it is important to learn this language as it can be used at any corner of the world. Nowadays almost every school provides and English Medium of instructions and studies for the students so they can learn this important language and apply to their life.


English language as the news importance in India it is thought that if a person knows English then he belongs to a high society. Almost every school in India teachers in English medium and also the parents from India love that children and want them to learn in this English Medium School.

English is used very commonly in India by the illiterate people and it is not spoken by the illiterate people as they don’t know anything about English. English has a huge importance in the life as it decides the status of a person and also about the personality of the person.

The English language is used all over India and mainly for business purpose and also for formal communication to an unknown individual. English language place and vital role informal communication in our day to day life.

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