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If we look at the education system in India it is very much disappointing because India after being the second largest country, it is facing the problem of education till today. So we can’t say that the education system is working properly and everyone is getting the proper education.

School Education

If we talk about the school education there are so many schools who are not having the proper way of teaching. The teachers are not capable of teaching them the right thing and even the school premises is not proper. So this is why the children’s are not getting the proper education and not even the proper place to study.

The education system should look after all these problems and give some or the other alternatives for this but nowadays in the remote areas people have started their own schools which are not even authorised but the education system is still not aware of them they are just not destroying the children’s future but they are also destroying the future of the country.

College Education

If we see after school most of the students stop getting educated because they think that the fees of college is too much. Well actually it is the private sectors of college are taking a very high amount of fees which a middle class person can’t even afford, so they stop getting more educated and it creates a very big problem of unemployment.

Because the companies needs very high educated people and the most of the youth is skipping their higher education just because the fees of the colleges are too much.

The college authority is should understand that the people are not able to give that much of money to afford their education but they are least bother about it.

That is the time when the education system should come into the picture but as we know that the education system is having so many problems of their own that they are least bothered about the education of the youth in the reputed colleges.

Engineers and Doctors

Let’s speak about the doctors and engineers, well this two professions are mostly selected by the people of India because they think their scope of getting a good salary for becoming a successful man is only in this two fields and that is the worst thing which the Indian mentality does.

But howsoever the business man has understood that in education system this to fields are the best feels from which they can earn as much as they can. So when we look at the top engineering colleges or to the top medical colleges the fees is not even near to a middle-class affordability.

So a middle class person should not even imagine to get this kind of education and could ever get any knowledge of becoming a doctor or engineer. They has to become a labour just like his ancestors were because the education system is too much costly for a middle-class family.

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