Short Essay On Earthquake For Students & Children In Simple English


Earthquake is a natural disaster which is caused due to various reasons but it has a dangerous effect on the infrastructure of that area and also on the economy as during the earthquakes there is use loss of and breakdown of various things and also many people die in the earthquake by getting pressed down by the walls of a building or anything.

The earthquake changes the life of the people in a disasters manner and the people living in a good houses when the earthquake comes to the house fall down and some people die under their own house and the people who are alive don’t have money for leaving more and they are also injured a little as there is no safe place while an earthquake take place.

During an earthquake that is not only loss of life but there is a huge difference in the economy of that place as the place is fully destroyed and nothing can be done.

And it also takes a use time and also uses resources for making the whole city again and it also takes a long time when it is an expensive process as the town is made new completely.


There are various reasons for an earthquake but the main reason of earthquake is the moving of the tectonic plates.

The tectonic plates are the piece of plates of earth surface which are floating on the core of the earth but due to some problem they start moving from each other and the slide over Each Other due to which an earthquake takes place in which the whole land goes through the earthquake and has a very strong shockwave as each and every click is sliding over each other.

Another mean and common reason is due to the volcanic activity as during and volcanic eruption the Magma comes out of the earthquake a force and create a fault line in the underground which creates and disturbance in it and which gives a movement to the tectonic plates and which starts the movement of tectonic plates due to which an earthquake takes place.

Sometimes the earthquake also takes place due to the human activities such as mining and construction of various underground things which creates and shockwave also known as sesame quiz due to which an earthquake takes place.


There is an adverse effect on the life of the people living in the earthquakes known as after the earthquake there is a huge damage and loss to the human life which is caused during the earthquake as many things fall on them.

Due to the earthquake, the infrastructure of that place is fully disturbed and destroyed due to which there is no proper functioning of that place after the earthquake as the transport system is damage due to roads are destroyed and also various business factories get destroyed.

After an earthquake takes place it is very hard to reach the people who are suffering from the attack of the earthquake as there are not any need of basic necessities like food and water for the people who have reached the earthquake as there is no Transportation system available which can transport food and water to the people.

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