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E-commerce Essay For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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E-commerce, well we all are aware of e-commerce but the people who are not I would just like to give you a small introduction on

E-commerce. What is e-commerce? It is a social development of every human being and how you will be coming to know.

Government E-commerce

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Nowadays all the government offices are having their own websites every department has their portal to work on even after that the people left their post or die. Even their work is been updated over there and anyone can take the axis and look into their work.

From this it is very easy to have all the information which we require and the best thing is we don’t even need paper to be saved for a very long time because all this information is on Internet and it is just a click that you will get all the information is back from the server.

Isn’t it a great thing for the government! Now no one needs to go to the government offices and stand in the queue for a very long time and make their work done it is just done by a click of the mouse, you just need to have the proper information about your work and how you can do it.

Public E-commerce

 Nowadays people can purchase anything from anywhere. But in olden days it was not even possible to buy something from one state to another because the person needs to think about many problems which he will face to take a particular thing from one state to another.

First of all he have to think about the transportation how he is going to transport the particular thing to one state to another and even if there are any kind of taxes applicable on that particular thing that was the reason that people used to never think about the purchase from another state or country.

But now after the e-commerce has introduced so many websites from which we don’t even have to bother about the transportation and product guarantee everything‘s been looked from the point of you of the e-commerce website. You just have to purchase the particular item and then it will be delivered at your doorstep and even if the product is not proper according to you, the product will be returned to the seller and the refund will be initiated into your bank account quickly.

Private E-commerce

Well the shopping is the private e-commerce but it is used for the public. Now if we talk about the private e-commerce it is mainly used by the private sector of business, they are having their websites and communication internally.

They do not need to give any information or share any kind of details to any other business or to the government. They can work into their own firm and generate whatever profit they can generate. So whenever a private e-commerce has been started there are so many people involved and the work is done on a huge scales.

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