Essay On Drought For Students & Children In Simple English


Drow doesn’t type of condition in which there is no rainfall over a long period which causes the water scarcity which reduces the amount of water available and due to increasing temperature the water present also start evaporating which also reduces the amount of water.

It has been seen that in some places drought is the common issue due to the environmental condition of that place example the desert of Rajasthan where the temperature is always high, and there is very less rainfall, and people have walked much distance to bring a small amount of water at their home which they have to use properly without wasting it.

There are not only natural conditions for the cause of broad, but there are also some man-made problems which create the draught like pollution and global warming.

As in drought, the availability of water is less the lifestyle of an individual and also environment change to adapt to the changes in the surrounding so that they will become capable of facing the droughts.


There are major four types of drugs which have their specifications, the Meteorological drought which is caused due to any ecological problem where the degree of dryness is over the normal or average amount to the dryness period which creates a state of drought.

Another type of drought is the agricultural drought which harms the farming of the farmers due to the scarcity of water which doesn’t have enough water for the crops due to which the crops die, the agricultural drought play with many numbers of farmers life as they create a huge loss to the farmers due to which sometime farmer tend to suicide.

The hydrological doubt is a state of drought in which the water present in the water bodies like Lake river decreases gradually which reduces the availability of water and creates a state of drought.

The socio-economic draught is also and types of draught which is not related to the scarcity of water, but it is related to the scarcity of supply of goods and other demands.


There are many causes of drought the main cause of drought is the decrease in the forest cover as the people are cutting trees for no reason just to clear the land for residential purpose of creating road which creates an environmental problems like air pollution and also creates draught as the trees are the major source of rain as they attract the rain.

There is also and major cause the global warming which is caused due to the increase in temperature which is due to the presence of greenhouse gases in the air which increases the temperature of the air.



There is an adverse effect of drought not only on the people, but the environment also faces the draught. Draught creation situation of scarcity of water but the water is needed for each and everything, and it is impossible to do any work without water.

The animals are living thirsty in the forest as they don’t have any source of water due to which they die.

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