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Essay On Dog For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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‘Dog’ is a pet. It is a four-legged animal with two bright eyes, two ears, sharp teeth, and a small tail. There are many types of dogs. Dogs have different colors, they are different sizes. The dog is a very useful and loyal animal.

Dogs can swim in the water. It is found everywhere in the world it loves its boss very much. It carries with the thieves from the house. Policemen and normal peoples are also keeping the dog for there safety purpose.

About Dog

Dogs eat rice, roti, fish, meat, etc. A dog gives birth to four to five puppies at a time. Dog age is 15 to 20 years, and they can be seen in almost all countries of the world. The dog is said to be the best friend of humans; they protect their master at the cost of their lives.

The dog is a quartered animal. It has two eyes, two ears, and a tail. Dogs are in many colors. Like other pets, the dog is also a petty animal. The dog is considered to be a very selfish person. This is a very useful animal. There are many species of dogs; some dogs are very sensible.

Uses Of Dog

The dog is trained by police to drag sleights to the thieves and criminals and to search the humans. A good sheepdog can take care of sheep and goats as well as shepherds. Dogs can be trained to do many useful things.

That is why the police take the help of dogs to catch the criminals. The nobles raise the dog for the housekeeping. A dog barks at the doors of the door and becomes strangled by seeing a stranger. When a burglar hits the night, neighbors also get alert when barking, and the thief is forced to escape or sometimes even be caught.

Dog Is A Domestic Animal

Domestic pet dog keeps its boss care. They are tied in chains. On time bathing and feeding, but there are a large number of dogs roaming around the streets. These dogs wander every time in search of FOOD.

If they get a piece, then they are beaten and beaten. These dogs wander through cold and heat in the rain. Occasionally the committee takes hold of such dogs. Although the dog is a big beneficial animal, being crazy becomes more dangerous for the societies.


It is mandatory to apply injection on its bite. If this is not the case, the person’s fear of being mad will continue. People of nomad race always keep dogs with them. If a dog bite the person and he is neglecting it, in this cause the person can suffer through some serious diseases. Rabies is one of the conditions when the dog bites. Nowadays the disease

Be Careful From Dogs

Owners use these dogs to hunt for small wild animals. Many stories of dog ownership we get to read in books. We should take good care of pet dogs.

It is also important to protect yourself from unrecognized dogs. At the time of his bark, we should be careful and defend ourselves.

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