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A dog is the pet animal, and it is domesticated by the people, and it is also said as the Man’s Best Friend as it gives a loving and honest companion to a man.

As when some people have dogs with them and if they show respect and love towards them they also show their love and respect towards their owners and it is very much high that whenever their owners go out they wait for them at the doorsteps and when the owner comes they know with their owners smell that the owner has arrived and they welcome them with their affection towards the owner by wagging its tail and licking his hand or face of the owner.

A dog helps his owner in various ways as a dog  help their owners to remove the loneliness from them by providing a friendly companion and as a security guard for his home as dog never allows to enter an unknown person into the gate or to touch the Gate it starts barking very loudly whenever he sees a stranger in his house.

Different Types Of Species Of Dogs

Many people like to keep the dog as their pet as dogs are the very much useful animal they are also the strongest domestic animal as when they see a stranger tries to bite and start barking and because of the people scare away and there is no fear of stranger or anything when there is a dog in our house.

There are many breeds of dog that are being kept as a pet has some of the breeds like Labrador are being kept mostly as a pet, and they are very fun loving breed of dog there is also some breed of dog which is used in the Armies as dogs are the strongest animals, and their smelling sense is very much stronger so they can be used in the army for war and The Breed such as German Shepherd Doberman is the most of the dog breed which are used in Armies.

Dogs A Great Companion

When the owner takes care of his dogs very well he never leaves his owner if he is a poor or rich the dog does not see the rich-poor condition of the man he only sees the love and affection that he has got from his owner and so because of this he does all the orders of his owner sincerely and becomes alert for all the time whether its day or night whenever his master offers him service he is ready to do and that is why a dog is called as the Faithful animal.

Dogs mostly live for around 10 to 12 years long, and in that lifespan, they love their owner very much, and mostly they eat bread rice fish and all the things that the owners give them. The baby of the dog is called as the puppy, and mostly the dogs which are domesticated have a separate home for them as the dogs live in the kennel. Their owners take them to parks and also in many places and so because of this it has created a great relationship between a dog and a human.

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