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We all love to keep an animal at home but it is not possible for each one of us to keep an animal because it also needs proper care and complete dedication to take care of that animal. Most of us prefer to keep a dog at home.

Street Dog

We all have seen the street dogs, they are run here and there on the roads without any compulsion or any worries. They run from one side to another, they don’t even care that they could come in front of a car, and they run without any tension and fear.

Most of the time the street dogs face accidents and die. The people who drive vehicles don’t even care about the street dogs, they crossed them over and don’t even look back that the dog is alive or dead. They do not show any kind of humanity towards that dog they killed and they are not even apologizing for their mistake because it is a Street dog and no one cares he lives or dies.

This is the humanity we are leaving today and the people who care for this animals are always is called foolish people because it’s not their personal dog but then to take care for it doesn’t matter that the dog belongs to them or not but they take on more important and necessary decisions for that dogs.

A Different Species of Dog

Nowadays, when we look at the Royal people they have a hobby to keep an animal in their house and mostly it is a Royal Dogs. Well, yes there is a species of dogs who are called the Royal dogs they are kept only with the Royal people that means only the royalty and rich people can keep that dog, with all the facilities and care. 

Apart from this, there are several species of dogs, today in this modern culture we as human beings don’t think that the animals who are running around the streets are equal to the different and royal species of dogs.

We send lots of money on the special species of dog but we cannot feed a street dog once in a day. We buy expensive food for the dogs who have a great specie but we can’t feed the dog once in a month, this is the humanity we are living in.

Army Dogs

Now you must be thinking about what kind of dog does army and police officers have. Well, they are very well trained dogs, they can detect drugs, cocaine, and different-different kind of medicines which are illegal to consume or sell.

The dogs are specially trained to detect all these kinds of medicines which are transported from one country to another and they are also trying to find the bomb or RDX in the crowded places also. This is the reason that the army and police officers have this kind of dog which is very well-trained.

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