Essay On Digital Technology For Better India For Students & Children


Nowadays Digital Technology has great importance as it helps us at various times in our life. Mostly the use of digital technology is used for recording purpose, and it makes us capable of recording any proof or any process which can be used in the future for anything.

In India, there is the various digital technology developed like they are nowadays digital ballot which is used for voting due to which there is no problem in voting, and also there is no wrong thing done while voting.

Nowadays there is also, and Aadhar Card developed in India which provides a unique ID to the individual living in India which consist of its fingerprint and also scanning of his Iris as when a trace of his finger has got you can be identified.

Nowadays digital technology is used in every place in India as nowadays the ration providers are also using the fingerprint of the people which reduces the ration taken by another individual.

The digital technology also has proved to be a boon in the people survive as it has given them the opportunity to show the various problem they are facing in their life due to the management of Government and also share various other things.

Nowadays the Government of India that is the prime minister of India is promoting the digital India session in which he wants to make the whole India Digital.


There are various advantages of digital technology in India as it has been provided I use the hand in the development of India as it was seen that there used to be huge corruption before in India, but with the introduction of various digital Technologies which consists of a fingerprint scanner, the corruption has been decreased to a greater extent.

Especially the people use to take ration of another people just by showing their ration card and but nowadays it is possible due to digital Technologies that the person who is the ration card holder he should only come to take the ration otherwise the ratio would not be provided to in which is a major step in reducing poverty in India.

There are also various digital Technologies like CCTV camera which are used in India which reduces various wrong things going on in our surroundings people have a fear of getting recorded due to which they are doing right things rather than doing wrong things as the Government of India furnishes the person who is recorded doing wrong things.


The Digital Technology has played a vital role in the development of India has it has been seen that India has developed to a greater extent after introducing the digital technology in India.

Nowadays everyone has access to the digital media through various means and methods also they can get various information about the Government of India through the digital media and also the policies provided by the government and also they can get the profit of the policies through the digital media.

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Updated: December 27, 2018 — 12:26 pm

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