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India is a developing nation and India is always getting upgraded in technology and in its presentations. Nowadays India has so many different ways of developing their skills.

British Rule

As we know that British have ruled on India for more than 200 years and this is the biggest reason why India is still a developing country. If India could be in a free country from the start, right now India would have been one of the best developed countries in the world.

In 1947 when India got freedom from British Indian government started working on the development of Indian citizens and today India is a developing country and also have achieved great achievements.

Development for Woman’s

India is a country where the population of woman’s are equal to the men but still today the equality between the man and woman are facing some problem.

For example equal rights in workplace and even at home if you talk about woman’s today at present there are so many places where people are not allowing them to leave out for work in the society.

A Girl Child

In the early days when the India got freedom they used to think that a girl child is a problem because they need to give dowry for it.

But today people understand that a boy or a girl is equal and get out the dowry process is totally illegal and the government has also officially declared that dowry system as illegal. If someone gets caught there is a high and amount of penalty and even they need to go to the jail for 3 to 5 years.


After the freedom, India got a many crisis to face the worst crisis which was faced by Indian citizens were not having employment.

Because it was totally a new and free nation who was going to work by its own and there were very few people who know the management to run a country. But still people were expecting some or the other work to do by the government.

Even the government started many schemes and ways to make sure that the youth is occupied by some or the other work and today at present India has employment in a very large scale.

Management of Indian Government

In recent years the management of Indian government has on the top level with the help of science and technology. Science and technology has helped the Indian government to be official for all the Indian citizens at once.

They have created all the schemes for them and uploaded all the options on the internet so that each and every person who require all this information can gather it from the Internet and once it is reached to the common man and they can easily communicate to the appropriate and concerned officer.

It was very hard and in olden days to manage all the system at once but now with the help of science and technology it is been easier.

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