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According to Indian government the problem of country he is getting dries the party well India is a highly populated country and also face this kind of problems too much but the Indian government is trying to I write this and of situations for the citizens of India

India Capital

Most of the people or aware of Indias capital which is Delhi a high rate of dengue patients are being counted this year well what is the actual problem behind this kind of situations arising in India the worst issue is dirty waters which are kept very long time and after a time duration the water gets infected by jobs and then The dengue mosquitoes so to prevent ourselves from bingo we should start in evening the water first

Economical Capital

In India the economical capital is Mumbai which is also known as the place of big dreams in India Mumbai is one of the highest populated state in which the problem of dengue is too much and the state government is trying his best to come out of this kind of situations and preserve their citizens howsoever.

The people are getting into this trap and they have to face the doctor with a very high fees so even the government has started some government facilities in the remote areas so that the people who are not able to come to the city areas for their treatment the doctors could reach them personally and help them out

Muncie Polity Office

In every state there is a Muncie polity office who take care of this kind of situations if we talk about any state for example Maharashtra the manciple T office is the place where you can find all the records of the patients who are facing this problem of dengue and what all treatments are being given to them to come out from this kind of situation

Muncie party has a budget to cure the people from this kind of problems so they always make sure that in the remote areas of the people are using clean water and the mosquitoes of  be present in the water should clean regularly and the medicines to overcome this kind of issues after I did that and even help the person is not able to do the treatment coming to party office take care of the concerned person and make arrangement of the funds so that his life is insecure and we can live a better life in future

Death Because of Mosquitoes

According to a calculation that people are who have died because of dengue are too much in India and the account is getting increase every year most of the parents I’m not even aware of the situation they think that it was a normal kind of FIFA match is going with their kids but if they don’t understand importance of this problem they have to face the consequences in future so never neglect any kind of symptoms of dengue and make sure that if you have one percent chance. That you are facing a sentence of dengue you should consult a doctor as soon as possible

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