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Delhi is the capital of India, and it is one of the critical states of India where it stands on the second number for the population. Haryana covers the state of Delhi from all side except the border on the east side which is covered by Uttar Pradesh border.

There is a semi-arid climate present in Delhi, but there is a high variation in winter and summer as in summer it is very hot, and during winter it is very cold there.

After the Independence, the state of Delhi was officially declared as the capital of the Republic of India. The capital state Delhi consists of nine districts and 152 villages and about 62 towns which have a good infrastructure and as a good management system.

Delhi is the center of all political power and also a common stage of political activities. There are various small-scale industries present in Delhi, and it is the largest commercial center.


Delhi is one of the oldest city of India, and it has been a center of many powerful Empires and also the Mighty Kingdom.

The history of Delhi starts from the 12th century with the Delhi sultanate after which Delhi was built broken and rebuild again several many times by several powers as it was a strategic location which can be captured and modified according to themselves. During the 12th century, the first Sultanate of Delhi was Gulbuddin Aibak.

After which qutubuddin Aibak started the construction of Qutub Minar as a Landmark of Delhi and also to show his victory, but he died before the completion of the construction of Qutub Minar. He also builds what al Islam which was a mighty Mosque and also the earliest Mosque you of India.

After the death of Gulbuddin Aibak and end of the slave dynasty, there was various dynasty who held power on Delhi during the medieval age which was khaliji dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty, dynasty, and Lodi Dynasty, and they also build various forts and township in Delhi.


The infrastructure of the Delhi state has been developed to a greater extent from the past few years and also increase the foreign relation for import and export.

Delhi is also known as the modern city due to its develop infrastructure and also increase in the economy of that state.

Delhi has developed its Road it sanitization and also drainage system which makes Delhi and better state to live and also it has increased the medication availability.

The students from the schools and colleges know Delhi for its education as education in Delhi is very rich and of high quality, as there are so many good schools and colleges for educating their students.


There is the mixed culture in Delhi as the people from every corner of India live in Delhi due to which it has various in habitats from different parts of India, and also there are the different lifestyle of the people.

It is also known as that the state of Delhi  represents the culture of the whole India  as people from every corner of the country live in Delhi

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