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Essay on Culture

Culture is said as the social behavior and the norms that are found in the human societies it can be considered as the concept of social learning in the human societies.

It is the human behavior social practices in a society and the culture expressive it forms through arts, music, dance, ritual, religion, and technologies. It is a way of living of people in a society.

Many people have different types of culture and it is the way of living of people in a society. Every person’s behavior also matters in their culture as their behavior decides their cultural background. All countries have their different culture.

Having culture in a country that makes the country unique as many countries have different types of cultural activities and cultural rituals culture is the beliefs and values of people and the ways they think and understand the world in their own lives.

Different Cultures In The Asian Continent

As Asia continent is the biggest continent by size and the population and it is the home to a huge diversity of culture and the continent is divided into six parts North Asia, East-Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia.

In in this all six parts of Asia there are many different types of cultural and religious and many historical things that have been practiced in the past.

In this Asian continent, there are many religions like Hinduism Buddhism Judaism and Islam and many of the religious people are there. The east of Asia has the most populated country of China who has their own way of celebrating their culture as there is mostly two religious practice here they are Buddhism and Taoism.

Culture also includes the languages and they are also having different languages and this people celebrate their Chinese culture very well.

The south of Asia has the India Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh Nepal who has different types of religions they are Hinduism Islam and Buddhism and all these countries practice the different-different religions and different language such as in India mostly Hindi are spoken and in Pakistan Urdu Hindi are been spoken and also the other countries are spoken different-different languages.

And there in the other parts of the Asian continent, there are many countries who have the different types of cultures and they practice their culture with their own style of living.

Indian Culture

Indian culture has been started from the past ancient times people used to follow their culture that has been started in the ancient times and it is followed in today’s present world also.

Culture in India gives the knowledge of the particular group of people when all the people come together and celebrate all the religious festival together is the unity of India. In India, we can see culture in everything as like the cultural dance fashion music behavior social norms architecture and this culture is different in all the religions in India.

Every religion has the different types of culture and as India is United country all the people of the different regions come together and celebrate the different types of culture as United and enjoy their festivals and many other tradition and culture with joy and happiness.

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