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Criminal is a word when we hear it be feel something is going to be wrong because the word criminal is used for in irresponsible person in the society who has done some bad things in his past that is the reason the word criminal is been attached to his life.

Who is Criminal?

Well according to law criminal is the person who is not obeying the rules and regulation written in our Constitution or any person who is not following the rules is a criminal and even a small rule which is broken by a person can always call them in the category of a criminal. For example if a person is breaking the traffic signal he has committed a crime of breaking the signal.

Now you must be thinking it was just a signal why it is counted in a crime if we figure out this problem just imagine if a person is crossing the road and the biker is breaking the signal and in any situation they get fall from each other. This accident is just happened because of biker, he break the signal and then they get fell that’s why breaking a signal is also counted in the crime.

How Anyone Became a Criminal?

Many of us used to judge people very quickly, we don’t even think what was the need of that person who is a criminal. We cannot imagine what kind of background or situation he is facing right now we just judge them out on their present behaviour, we don’t even try to find what was the condition and the reason behind the activity which was done by that particular person.

Sooner or later when we come to know that the reason behind the crime we feel that the crime was not actually done with a particular purpose it was done by some kind of misunderstanding or a mistake but the crime is a crime. The government and the law do not refuse any kind of injustice done by any person so we need to punish the person who has committed this crime.

Worst Crime

India is a place of great population and the crime level in India is also ranks on 12th position in all over the world, where the worst crimes which are head in India is are re terrorism, molesting, ragging, and many more.

The further few worst crime which India is facing right now Indian government is trying to solve this issue as fast as they can, but as the number of people in India are too much it is taking some time to resolve all the issues and problems from a normal citizens life.

Small Crimes

When we talk about some small crimes for example doing fraud in your bank accounts, taking access of someone’s social media, posting nonsense things and many more. These are the small crimes which we see in our day to day life but we should never forget to complain to the police about the crimes.

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