Essay On Crime Against Women For Students And Children In Simple English

The crime against the women is the major problem that has been increasing in the world, and it has been existed in the past as well almost in every country regions and also in some of the cultural and communities.

The increase in the crime has been done because women do not get a perfect status in our society as they are being neglected and because of this many people take advantage of this and the violence is at various levels as it can be physical mental emotional and publicly as well as they are oppressed section of our society.

There are various things, and measures women are being neglected as in education economic Independence as these things have been taken from them and because of this it directly affects to the increase in the crime against the women.

In The Past

The crime against the women in the past was more as the status of women in the past was being neglected as they are not equally treated like man as the men’s have the highest value in the society and the women’s are being neglected, and the women are also beaten by their husbands no respect against the woman was given them by the society.

As the Women’s are being neglected, they are also not given education as compared to men and they are only kept at home it was also believed that if a girl child was born in the society it is considered as a curse for their family, and they had no independent existence in the society. As there were many dowry system which was done by the people when a woman gets married and so because of this the burden of the dowry system mostly the girl child is being neglected by the people and this dowry system is also been continued in this present world in India and also in the present world also such ritual of Sati where the woman had to Die if her husband has died on the funeral pyre.

In the past it was very cruelty against the woman, and the cruel things are also done in this present world as well as there are many high chances of women being beaten and also there also woman getting raped burning the child and many sexual harassment and child marriages that are being done now also so this things that he did against the women are the most cruelty that can be done on a human.

Solutions for this problem

As there is a major crime done by the people but the solution of these can be done only by the people as the attitude should be changed drastically against the women, and it is only in the hands of the people they should be treated as equality and respect.

That should be strict laws implemented against the people who have the women’s and also the women should allow getting an education, and they should be the priority of every parent in this today’s world and by all this, the woman could be respected in a society and can get an equal value as compared to the men.

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