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Cricket is an outdoor game which is originated from England. Cricket is a game which is played at every street in the country.

Cricket is played between two teams, and each team has 11 players in them. They are 15 players in the team, and 11 players play, and the rest of the four players are the substitute in the team. Mostly there are six batsmen four bowlers and a wicketkeeper included in a team.

Cricket Rules

Cricket is played by rules and regulations, and there are many rules include in cricket such as there is a boundary line where the batsman has to hit a four and six. Forgetting a batsman out there is a rule of LBW, and also when batsman hits and a fielder catches it, he gets caught out. Also, there are many ways to get a batsman out such as bowling, run out and to stump.

There is a pitch made of 22 yards in it there white line are made a bowler has the ball inside that white line if he bowls outside then it will consider as a wide, or when a bowler oversteps the bowling crease, then it will consider as a no ball. A wicketkeeper stands behind the stumps.

There are also many leagues played in cricket such as IPL which is Indian Premier league, and the other is Big bash league, and many other countries are also playing this t-20 leagues.

A Cricket Match

A cricket match is played of three types such a 50 overs game, a 20 over the game and a test match which is of five days. In a test match both the teams have to play for five consecutive days.

There are two innings played by both the teams. In a fifty over a game on both the sides of the team which bat first set a score or target for the second team and the second team has to chase it down under fifty overs. These two teams get ten-ten wickets per team to bat.

If any teams of ten players get out, then the team gets all out. In a cricket match, the first thing is the toss the winner of the toss gets to choose whether to bat or ball first.

There are three umpires in a game two umpires are present in the ground, and one umpire is the third umpire which is to tell the right decision through the cameras when these two umpires are not able to get the decision right.

Now new rule has been introduced that if a match gets tied then, the match will be decided by a super over that is only one over to the bowl, but this rule of super over is only applicable in the 20 overs match.

Another new rule has been introduced that is the DRS decision review system this rule is only used in the 50 over a game, but now it has also used in a 20 over the game.

This rule is used when a player feels that the on-field umpires had given a wrong decision so he can review it and can ask directly to the third umpire. Cricket is most played the game all over the world, and it is very famous and worldwide.

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