Essay On Cow For Students & Children In Simple English

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Cows are been said as the farmer’s friend as they are been used for the humans for the cultivation of the crops and also in other things as they give food products and the cows are very much useful for the humans as they can be said as the friend animal of the human.

These cows are been helping the humans since the past years around 10,000 years ago cows are been domesticated by the people for their use and about 1 to 2 billion cows are being domesticated in the world for the use of the people. From the past, this cattle or cows become the livestock of the humans as they help in every form as in food products helps in the cultivation of the crops for the farmers and in many things.

Domestication of cows

As there are many species of cattle that are been in this world and mostly the species of Bos Taurus of those that are being domesticated by the people as the species are very much useful for the farmers and as well as for the people as they help in the cultivation of the crops for the farmers and also they are been giving milk which is very much useful as a food product as through milk many things are been made.

This domestication of the cows is been very useful as they give many useful things and the dung of the cows are also being used for the fuel and manual and this cows are a great pet for the people. In the Asian countries the species of Bos Taurus are being domesticated widely but in the other countries the species like BOS indices and the other species Bos primigenius are being domesticated and they are very much useful for them.

In India, we can see cows in every village as the farmer use them for their cultivation of crops and it is very useful as some cows are also be used to travel from one place to another as grateful many carts as well.

Cows and Humans

As cows are being said as the friend of the humans and it is a very friendly animals with humans and they are very much useful as well as their products are used for the people and they can get huge amount of money by selling their product in the market and the products are being in a great demand. Not only their products but there are many fairs that are being held in some parts of the country of India for selling cows and they are also getting a huge amount of prize by selling them.

The cows are being kept in a cattle shed and they are being given to eat many foodstuffs as mostly they like to Graze grass. When a cow eats healthy food it gives a proper milk and the other food products are being made properly and so because of this it can get a huge amount of value in the market. And all because of this we can say that a cow is a best friend of humans as it can help humanity in their living as well.

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