Essay On Corruption In India In English For Students & Children

Corruption is the social problem as said as a social disease which has spread its effects on the mind of the people and because of this corruption people minds has become affected very badly. This problem of the corruption is growing in a society day by day as no people born to do such type of activities but these societies force them to do this and because of the bad condition of their life mostly force them to do so.

It is the more harmful disease that has been spreading in many people in the society and because of this people take the negative step and harm their life. There are many causes of the corruption that are being done and mostly by the political leaders are involved in this programs of corruption they mostly do the corruption instead of serving the nation properly as they work for their interest and do not see to the citizen’s interest and requirement.

Corruption In A Society

When there is a corruption in the society trust faith, and the honesty in the humanity get decreased, and because of this, there will be no trust of a person with the other person as there will be no use of the teachings and the values that we have been getting.

Mostly the laws and the rules that have been made by the government are only followed by the sincere people and many people for the greed of more money did not follow the rule and do the corruption for more money as because of their family problems when a person has low salary in the Government employees he tends to do corruption because of his family earning problem but it is not a right way to earn money we should earn money with a proper way, and through this we would get respect in a society only a sincere person get respected in a society, and the corrupted are being neglected.

As there are many poor people and because of this the politicians take this advantage of the people and give them many dreams of big things in the future and also give some amount of money to them and they accept it and does all the work which are illegal of the political parties and because of this it stops the development of the country.

Movements Against Corruption

There are many movements are being taken against this problem of corruption as many people rise and raise their voice against the corruption and it influenced the government and they announced many things for solving the problem of the corruption.

The government announces the idea of Jan Lokpal Bill, and in this idea, there will be an investigation done for finding the ugly face of India that is corruption. Many bills that are being framed by the new committee and because of this all the people got interested in the government and started to support the Prime Minister and because of this many people are being caught red-handed while doing corruption and because of this, it could be the end of the corruption in the society.

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