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Corruption can be said as great harm to the society that is done by the people. Corruption is done with the economy of the country as people take extra money to do some illegal work this money is called as the corrupt money.

This money is being owned by the illegal way such as-as an example of a corruption we can say that if a work in a government sector is to be done and the work is illegal for the other people some people are there who take extra money to do the illegal work legally and because of this it creates a great harm for the country.

Mostly corruption is done by the people who like to earn more and more money but not by the legal ways as through illegal ways these people are the most known people as the people in the political parties and these people are always thinking of themselves and not about the country’s economy.

Corruption In Economy

If the government of any country is corrupted and people doing the illegal things for other people so there will be no faith of the people in the rules and regulations of the government.

The people who do corruption are very much reached people as they have connections with the criminals as when a police officer catches a criminal they try to give corruption to the police officer and bail the criminal out and because of this all things people are not safe.

Mostly we can also say that there are many police officers who are corrupt in a government they do not do that duty according to the rules and regulations of a Police Officer for more money they take corruption from the people and do illegal things.

In society, we can say that the people who do corruption are mostly known as genuine people and the people who do not do corruption are called as a foolish person this society.

How To Control Corruption

There are also measures to control the corruption as to control the corruption people of the government should not take the money and do the illegal work so by this the corruption would get handle easily.

In today’s society corruption has become a local thing around the people as some people want to do their work they give the money and do all the work illegally and so because of this to stop this all things the government should look upon this things and take some actions to stop this.

Mostly corruption has also be done in India, and because of this, the Indian government has many illegal workers who do the crime and corrupt the Indian society and also the Indian government. People in India think that the government is corrupted and do not do the things properly and so because of this mindset they do not go for any help from the government.

So to change the thinking of the people, the government should take some actions on the people who corrupt the society and so by this only our corruption problem could get solved.

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Updated: February 15, 2019 — 6:45 am

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