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Essay On Corruption Free India For Students And Children

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Not only India face the problem of corruption rather than that many of the other countries also face the problem of the corruption, this has become the social problem to all the country, if the base is not built in the proper manner than how the building will stand still, it means that all the government people who are there for the peoples welfare they are only corrupted than people will also have to follow because the work is not done by them.

How to make the corruption free India?


There are many ways to fight with the problem of the corruption if the country evil will come to know that they are killing the country development by doing so, there some of the ways to come out they are as follows:

  • Spread education

All politician of the country are the people who are not educated and they are only spreading the corruption, and all the people who are under the uneducated class they are been practicing the same, the government should look after that all the child of the country are going to the school and secures the education.

  • Punishment

The government should take the initiative if they see any of the people doing the corruption then they should be punished there should be the strict rules and the regulation suspected for the people of the country, some of the businessmen run their business in the illegal way and earn the money also in an illegal way.

  • Follow the right course

All the citizen of the country if they see any corrupt movement in their front of the eyes then they should take the measure to stop it, in the right way only the work should be get done if not then this will affect them very badly.

  • Install cameras

There are many of the technology which can bring down the level of the corruption from the actual, if you are not sure that there is the corruption in the office or by any of the people than the cameras should be installed this will help to bring that person, if it is not possible then there are the recorder this can capture there voice and the corruption will share with the police or in the media.

  • Build confidence

There should be the courage and the boldness to say anything in front of the police but the people of our country are very scared of the police they think that the name of the people will go down if they go to the police. There is the problem with the police that they make that person to irritate who want to help the police. So the people who want to help the police they should not face the problem.

To wipe out the corruption the media should play the important role they should remove out all the corruption people and their all illegal work should be brought into the eyes of the local people this will make them also fear that they should also not practice the corruption.

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