Essay On Consumerism For Students & Children In Simple English

Consumerism can be said as a social and economical idea to encourage the acquisition of the goods and services in the increasing amount as it can also be said as the economic theory which is used to increase the consumption and it is beneficial to a nation’s economy for the long run.

Consumerism is a thing which modernise the world and includes different things from the different field globally. It is been said that when there is consumerism in our universe our universe will be colorful and beautiful and modern and when there is no consumerism Universe with sense like without colors in it.

The Effects Of Consumerism

There are many effects of the consumerism in the environment as it could be destructive in the long run to the environment and it also is a contributing factor for the poverty around our world as it contributes factor to the hunger among such immense wealth.

Is an example of the consumerism it can be said as when the children see any kind of things they think that they cannot live without the products and their mindset of consumerism that they will carry the rest of their life with the product and because of this they purchase the product and continue to buy these products all their lives.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Consumerism

There are many advantages and disadvantages of this consumerism as an advantage the consumers choose their own Lifestyle as what they should do are only in the hands of the consumers and the self-satisfaction is used in the consumer as this only includes their wants and also complete their needs.

It also maintains the economic classes for the people who are middle-class upper class and for the lower class peoples and all the customers have the opportunity to be motivated to improve the social Standing and also their job as well.

These are some of the advantages of the consumerism and with this advantage, there are also many disadvantages of the consumerism as consumerism is little by little destroying our environment and natural resources as it really affects our global warming and the ozone layer.

Consumerism is also doing the status differences as most of the upper-class people are getting more advantages than the lower class people and the population is not equally distributed as the majority of people pay more attention to the richer people because the benefit of the economy and they ignore the poor people.

The values and the discipline that we have been thought are being not used by the people as mostly they focus on money and goods as these things are the greatest in their life and they have not focused on the values and discipline that we have thought and also people here do not like to help each other.

So because of the consumerism that is included, there are also many advantages of it but it mostly has the disadvantages amongst the people so it is only in the hands of the people to how to use this consumerism system.

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