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The constitution is a document which is a written document and consists of Saint of the fundamental rules and rights which should be followed by the citizens of the country. It is very necessary to follow the constitution for the development of the country and also for the development of the citizens of the country.

The rules should be followed by both the citizens who live in that country and also the government has to follow the constitution.

Constitution also behaves like a system which consists of rules and regulations for governing the country so that no one is discriminated against and everyone gets the perfect rights and regulations.

With the rules listed in the constitution, it also provides various rights to the people of the country so that they can give the rights for their benefits. The constitution is made for democratic countries for the better recovering of the countries and also to prevent various other problems.


There are majorly four types of constitution, which are codified constitution and codified constitution flexible constitution and inflexible constitution.

The codified constitution is the constitution which is provided on a single written document and also there are three types of modified constitution which are authority of constitution in which the rules are provided by the authority will suggest political institutions and the entrenched constitution which is also and codified constitution but it is very difficult to be amended and also very difficult to abolish the constitution.

The third type of modified constitution is judicial in which the laws are written by the Judiciary and also it allows the Lost to be charged against paid and also take any action against the judiciary.

An uncodified constitution is a type of constitution in which the fundamental rights are not written on a document but they are written on a custom or a variety of statutes or any legal instrument.

The inflexible constitution is a type of constitution is a type of constitution in which the changes of rights is not readily available because of its type. The flexible constitution is a type of constitution in which the changes are readily available by the general legislation due to which it is a type of constitution which is used in most of the democratic country


The constitution is mainly divided into three parts where the first part is the Preamble which gives an introduction of the constitution and also contains various statements and principles of the country, the Preamble is at the start of the document and has a big significance in the developing of the constitution.

Another part of the Constitution is the major part which contains the articles where there are total 7 articles and each article defines each and every legislative branch, the executive branch, the State Power, the amendments, the supreme law of the land, rectification of declaration of the constitution.

The third part of the Constitution is the part which consists of the amendments where there are in total 33 amendments which have different definitions.

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