Essay On Conserve Of Wildlife For Students & Children In Simple English

Conservation of wildlife is being done to protect the wild animals and many of the species and their habitat as wild animals and wildlife plays an important role in the balancing of the environment that processes the stability to different natural processes of nature.

To conserve the wild animals in the future is the goal of this wildlife conservation and as there are many animals who are getting depleted as some of the animals are being hunted by the people and for their protection and to increase the species of the animal this wildlife conservation systems are been undertaken by the governments of many countries.

To ensure the importance of the wildlife in the future and the wilderness for humans this wildlife are been protected.

For the protection of the wildlife there are many NGOs and Government Agencies that are been dedicated for the wildlife conservation which works as the nonprofit organization for promoting the wildlife conservation causes.

Importance Of Wildlife In Nature

There are many negative human activities that are being done on the wild animals and because of this it has becoming danger for the extent of the animal species and their population are been going down there are many species of animals that are in danger and also they are being depleted and none of their species being left in the world and because of this slowly these animals are getting depleted.

The climate changes like the global warming that causes due to the pollution that is created by the humans is also harming the animals as the global warming causes more hot days and because of this there is no rainfall and no water left and there are droughts with more severe and that is why there is no water and food for the animals and so because of this they get starve for many days and die.

Wildlife balances the nature chain and if they get depleted the nature chain get imbalance and because of this the environment gets harm.

Is there is any problem in the environmental chain the environment gets harm and it is very harmful to the people living and also for the other life existence? Animals do not live in home and so because of this they have to face many climates changes natural disasters and all these things and so because of this some of the animals are not protected as well and they get to die so for the protection of the animals there are many sanctuaries that are being made by the government.

Protection of Wildlife

There are many hunting and poaching cases that are been registered in past years and because of this, there are many species of animals that are left as people hunt every beautiful animal they see as for fun but this fun is ending the species of the animals.

Because of the hunting many species of rhinos elephants as well and other species are in danger and they are getting depleted in the recent year there is a case of the death of last White male Rhino and there is no rhino left in the world as their species are being depleted so government of all the countries should protect the animals from all these things and take measures for the animal protection.

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