Essay On Communication For Students & Children In Simple English

Communication is a thing when people talk to one another and a information is passed from a sender to a recipient. There are many different ways through which the communication between the two people could be done.

Mostly the people communicate with each other with the sounds of the human language and another communication is the visual communication which is done by using the body languages or by the gesture of the people.

The process of the communication mostly was by exchanging the information or the messages as it is a very basic term as this sender send the message and the receiver receives the message through a medium and he decodes it and this all thing is a part of the communication.

Ways Of Communication

There are mostly two types of the communication they are the verbal communication and the nonverbal communication in the verbal communication people mostly communicate as they speak with one another and convey their message and in the nonverbal communication the communication is done with the eye contact body language facial expressions or by the gestures of the people when they talk to each other.

The gesture Communications shows as the shaking of hand winking of the eye and many things for communicating with one another people uses. Mostly in the history, the communication is done by writing. Communication is a process to convey and in an attempt to create an understanding between the people.

In the past people used to communicate with the use of the pictograms as pictograms where made on the stones and by these people used to understand what they have to say next they started to write things on the paper clay or wax and they say their things and now the communication is mostly done by the electronic ways like mobiles .

Use Of Communication

In this today’s world there is major use of communication that has been done as it has been used in many sectors as such as in business sector business communication is mostly used for variety of activities between the people such as to strategic communication planning Public Relations and many more and mostly the relation between the employees communication is needed after that it comes the political communication in this the political strategies to convey the people and to spread their message the communication is done between the political parties and the people.

After that, it comes the communication between the people of our families as a communication between the family is nice than the love and things in the family grow.

In this all communication mostly the verbal communication is used as people like to convey the message through the languages and most of the people show their gestures and tell their message to the people.

Our communication with other people should be always polite as we should not do the communication that can harm the people.

Communication can also be done with nonhumans as with the animals as there are many people who understand the language of animals and animals are those who understand the language of humans and because of this many people keep animals as their pet.

So our communication with other people should be nice and because of this we should always try to communicate with different people as when all the people of the different caste culture communicate with each other there would be a great unity between the people

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