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Most of the people will think about what does this proverb means.

Well, it does not mean something great but yes if you understand the concept behind this proverb yeah you will understand the greatness behind this proverbs.

Now we will try to make you understand about it what does this proverb means.


Well, we all know about what is positivity we understand how important it is to be positive in your thinking. If a person has stopped thinking positive this will be his life disastrous days.

He cannot even think about anything good in his life this is just because the person has stopped thinking in a positive manner. You should always make sure that whatever the condition is you should think in a positive way.

Negative way

We all are surrounded by people who always push back and make sure that we can’t go ahead of them. They are the people who don’t want to get upgrading and make you also suffer the same.

They just show you the wrong way and most of the people just blindly follow them out.

Which is the worst thing we do we should never be with any negative vibes around us? This is very helpful for our nature and also for our health.

Silver Lining

Now you must be thinking what is silver lining is it a lining on the paper with the silver color. Well, it is something which is not similar to your thoughts.

We all have seen clouds there are so many different types of clouds. Some very clear we cannot judge which kind of clouds we are looking at.

Life is also similar to this there are sometimes clear clouds and sometimes the dark one we cannot charge them. It is the process of life that has good happens but even the bad happens with us.

Human Nature

We talk about human nature we all know that humans get attracted to the negative thing sooner than the positive things. People always take the negative and stop thinking about the positive which is actually the wrong way to see the world.

To find something good in the world first you have to find something good in yourself because if you want to change the world you have to change yourself first.

If you change you have the power to change the world this is the only way that you can make yourself strong and the society stronger.


One of the strongest enemy of good thinking. Well, we all know that if we go in the wrong way we will get the instant outcome.

We will get the benefits very soon but we also know that all that benefits all that output which we can see are temporary. None of them will stay always and in comparison with the positive energy.

It gives the output very slow takes time to get to the results. Ones we reach our goal we can feel our hard work in it.

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