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Who does not love screen means every person wants to stay in a clean place. The entire world wants to be clean and nothing should be dirty in front of us.

Clean India

As we know that India was ruled by the Britishers for more than 200 years. They were not allowed to live independently and even were not allowed to study. All the knowledge all the important and healthy things were taken by the Britishers from Indians.

It was a disaster is the time but as the Indians understood that what are their rights they started fighting back. The people in those days were not educated and they had so many problems rather than staying in a clean place. They accepted the way they are leaving and started living in dirty places.

But after sometime when they were above their problems they started thinking about the cleanness. They understood that because of our old generation we are very much careless of cleanliness. And it’s not their fault they were fighting against so many other issues that they could not teach their kids about the cleanness habits.

The City is Clean in India

Nowadays even a single city in India is well-maintained you cannot find any dirty place in it. Regular cleaning and maintenance are done for the city areas. This is the reason that people in cities are very much healthy and fit.

In the olden days, the cities were not so high-tech and the coordination with each other was very poor. The only thing which we could do was clean our own house and threw the waste on the road or in some kind of dumping yard. There were few people who burn their dust including plastic paper and all the waste material which came out from their house.

Village Areas In India

Now if we talk about the village areas in India they are very much clean from inside they understand that the cleanliness is next to godliness so they always are clean. People who stay in village areas are very much healthy compared to the people who live in cities.

The city people have modern technology and people who can work on their behalf. But in Village, there is no such kind of facility for them whatever they want to do they have to do it by their own understanding which makes them more efficient in their work.

Health in India

Now you can see how India is growing and with Good health, Indian people can achieve more goals than they could imagine. The future is totally in their hand because they have so many creative minds that could make our work easier than ever.

The people who want to do something creative means proper health and proper health comes from a proper environment. If your environment is not healthy and clean you cannot be a creative mind you will always be pulled back for your small problems with others.

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